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Client Stories


by John and Teegie Collins -

We came to Boerne to find property on which to build our retirement home. We got lucky, found the property, and met Bruce, Larry and Brenda of B.W. Baker Builder, Inc. We lived in Houston during the construction, but Bruce, Larry, and Brenda made it the easiest thing we have ever done. Our families became close friends and Teegie and I enjoyed watching Bruce, Larry and Brenda's children grow up and become fine adults.

During the past 18 years, we have built several homes with the fine folks at B.W. Baker Builder, Inc. Honesty, caring, integrity, a Christian background, and just great people is how Teegie and I would describe Bruce, Larry, and Brenda. Wonderful and enjoyable people to work with and know.


by Pat & Carol Anne Childress -

I want to express my appreciation for the support of everyone at B.W. Baker through this past eight months. Now that the building of our home is complete, Carol Anne and I marvel at the way the project came together. I must confess to having a bit of trepidation when faced with the task of building our first custom home. It took only a short while for me to realize your company is comprised of people who are truly our advocates. I soon discovered your subcontractors were every bit as interested in the final quality of our home as you and your company. I very much enjoyed working with your team of subs.

I can honestly say that on every single issue that arose, your company took the high road and insisted on the highest quality of workmanship and materials, regardless of the impact on your bottom line. The very highest level of praise is reserved for Larry Marbach, your Vice President and construction manager. Larry was always several steps ahead of me with my myriad of questions and concerns. He built this home as though his mother was going to be living here! Larry is a true gentleman and artisan in building.


by Lorraine Massey -

Bruce is an excellent home builder and has a great team. Larry and Brenda are absolutely wonderful to work with. I think the world of all of them. Bruce's subcontractors are very reliable and do exactly what they are supposed to do. I highly recommend BW Baker Builder. I am very pleased with the whole process and my new home!

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