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Outstanding and Professional in Every Respect

by Dale and Jaye Adams -

Bruce and his team were fantastic to work with during the building of our home. They were very responsive to our needs and accommodating of any changes or ideas we had. While they did their best to make sure everything was the way we wanted it, they always made sure we understood the costs and trade-offs involved. Larry knows pretty much how everything is done and always found the best solution for the situation. The sub-contractors were outstanding and professional in every respect. There was a set of stairs that did not fit the way the plans indicated and the carpenters rebuilt them and adjusted the ceiling to make it fit perfectly. We had several other contractors working on different aspects of the property and Bruce worked them into his schedule as if they were part of his team. This coordination with contractors not under his authority (or contributing to the completion of his project) was highly appreciated. All of this was done in an open, friendly, personal and very professional manner.


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